Author Topic: Eric Cantor Was Voted Out Because He Is A Sellout-Traitor, & An EVIL Erav Rav Skunk  (Read 142 times)

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Eric Cantor Was Voted Out Because He Is A Sellout-Traitor, & An EVIL Erav Rav Skunk



Jun 2014


Posted  by The MAD Jewess in Liberals have lost America   

Eric Cantor Was Voted Out Because He Is A Sellout-Traitor, & An EVIL Erav Rav Skunk

BREAKING: Eric Cantor to quit as House Majority Leader

“ADIOS, you RAT!”

All over Twitter today are Communist Liberals saying that Eric Cantor was voted out because he is Jewish.  What a LAUGH riot. 

1st of all:  Eric Cantor was an Erav Rav:  A traitor to the Jews.  A ‘Jew’ who brings defamation to other Jews by pushing anti-American, pro-Communistic politics that are AGAINST the Torah. 

2nd of all:  People are sick and tired of illegals and this aggressive push for amnesty which Cantor has favored.

3rd:  Americans are angry that this insane government cares nothing for its own people and coddles terrorists and Mexicans who hate them.

4th:  US Citizens ARE outraged that our ONE Jewish congressman,  in the GOP was such an Obama-blowing suck up.

5th:  My opinion- Democrat, Commie ‘Jews’ (JINOs) should get the hell out of office politics.  Almost every Jew in big politics today is a radical Communist, not a Jew at all.   We have Boxer and Feinstein, both who are working against the country, (2nd Amendment) trying to grab American people’s guns, leaving them at the mercy of criminals, rapists and murderers.    These 2 have been Senators in Calif for years and the golden state is now a sewer because of them. 

Then take Schumer from NY–another Communist who uses his Jewish name to monitor Tea-party groups through the IRS and is also a gun-grabbing Communist.  Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, a hag who knows nothing about politics but opens her ugly, big mouth every 5 seconds, putting Americans down.   Then, there was Bloomberg…the crazed Napoleonic Commie “Jew” who was banning soda from NYers.. Plus he is also a gun grabbing FREAK…AND, he is a friggin ugly-ass weasel.  What about Weiner?  And his ‘cock shot?’  Good God.. I can go on forever about these putz’s.

….AND, if an American speaks up against these gasbags, they get called an ‘anti-semite.’

GET LOST, LEFT-WING “Jews!”  YOU SUCK!  You destroy the Jewish people any time you open your ugly mouths.
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