Author Topic: What a Joke… Hillary Clinton Says I “Helped Restore US Leadership in the World”  (Read 197 times)

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What a Joke… Hillary Clinton Says I “Helped Restore US Leadership in the World”

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 8:48 AM

In March 2009 Hillary Clinton announced that the Obama Adminstration was going to push the reset button with the Russians. Unfortunately, the administration bungled their delivery and spelled out “overcharge” rather than “restart” on their prop.
 It was her first but not her last major gaffe as Secretary of State.
hillary lavrov
 An assistant shows the mock ‘reset’ button that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handed to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva in 2009. (AP Photo)

Hillary Clinton told National Public Radio that her biggest accomplishment as Secretary of State was “restoring America’s leadership” in the world.

Considering, there is not a single country today that has better relations with American since Obama came into office, that’s a pretty bold statement by Hillary.
NPR reported:

To hear Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and once and maybe future Democratic presidential candidate tell it, her new book, Hard Choices, isn’t the kickoff to a 2016 campaign.

She still hasn’t made up her mind about another run for the presidency, she told Renee Montagne, co-host of NPR’s Morning Edition. It’s more a review of the decisions she made as the nation’s top diplomat.

That the book looks backward is proof, she said, that it’s not a campaign document because, echoing an often-used line of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, “I’m experienced enough to know that political campaigns are about the future, not the past.”

But she acknowledged that the book tour gives her a chance “to work really hard to get out around the country to talk about what’s on people’s minds.” In short, it sounds like she’s embarking on another listening tour of the kind she used to launch her career in electoral politics in 1999 before she ran for a U.S. Senate seat from New York.

In any event, a review of her years traveling the globe as secretary of state during President Obama’s first term gives her the chance to define her accomplishments even as her Republican critics ask, “What achievements?”

Here are some interview highlights:

Her accomplishments: To hear Clinton tell it, she helped rebuild the U.S. image in the world after the George W. Bush administration badly mangled it.

“The most important thing I did was to help restore America’s leadership in the world. And I think that was a very important accomplishment. We were flat on our back when I walked in there the first time.

Even Diane Sawyer wasn’t buying it.
 She confronted Hillary on her failed record.
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