Author Topic: Washington Mudslide Families File Wrongful Death, Damage Claims  (Read 207 times)

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I know we have at least one Washington member. Any local buzz on this?

Families of those killed in the deadly Washington mudslide in March filed more than a dozen legal complaints, including for wrongful death, against state and county officials Monday, alleging that irresponsible logging contributed to the disaster.

At least 42 people died when the colossal slide flattened a rural community in the Stillaguamish Valley, some 50 miles northeast of Seattle.

Authorities End Mudslide Search for Victims
NBC News

Twelve of the new claims against the State of Washington and Snohomish County were for wrongful death, one was for "outrage and negligent infliction of emotional distress," and another for destruction of property.

Seattle-based attorney Corrie Yackulic, who is bringing 12 of the new claims, alleged that the state of Washington approved logging in a "groundwater recharge zone" - an area where rain drains off from the surface - and "ignored the best available science delineating the recharge zone in favor of much older data."

Read more, plus video report:
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