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When Metrosexuals Rule the Nation By Alicia Colon
« on: June 09, 2014, 10:17:12 AM »

 June 9, 2014 / 11 Sivan, 5774

When Metrosexuals Rule the Nation

By Alicia Colon

Since its first introduction into our lexicon, the definition of the word metrosexual has changed several times. At first it was used to describe young, urban males who were more interested in fashion, grooming and appearance than the traditional masculine male. Sexuality ran the gamut from officially gay, straight or bisexual. Then an article in by Mark Simpson narrowed it down to the following: "He might be officially gay, straight or bisexual, but this is utterly immaterial because he has clearly taken himself as his own love object and pleasure as his sexual preference." In his book Male Impersonators, 1994 Simpson explains why understanding narcissism is vital to understanding modern masculinity.

There has always been a certain speculation about the decline in toughness within the current administration. We have elected a president who often apologizes and bows to other global leaders. Vladimir Putin retains that rough image but President Barack Obama tends to speak loudly about red lines while carrying a very small non-threatening stick.

Recent images of the president exercising in Poland have done little to improve that negative assessment and instead have provided hilarity among our European allies. One blog,, had this to say, "Meanwhile, insult to injury, everywhere you look you see manly photographs of Vladimir Putin contrasted with unmanly photographs of President Obama. It's downright embarrassing. Look at Obama flinching and giggling like a little girl while merely watching a martial arts demonstration. Then look at Putin - resolute of gaze, wearing his judo-gi & black belt - actually teaching martial arts."

I am quite sure that Putin stages those photo ops to show his manliness but the fact that Obama's team doesn't recognize the importance of these images indicates that Obama is not the only metrosexual in his administration.

Surveys have also shown that metrosexuals are generally liberal and lean left and it is clear that the current administration is rife with those fitting that description. In fact, metrosexuals only made their appearance after cultural changes in the environment and changes in views on masculinity. Have they changed? You betcha! Real men are disappearing and are being replaced by more sensitive, empathetic responders.

In a recent opinion piece by Ross Douthat in the New York Times he quoted and disagreed with left-winger Fredrik De Boer, who wrote: "And that's why traditional masculinity has to die. The association of male value with aggression, dominance, and power is one of the most destructive forces in the world, and so it has to be destroyed. Traditional masculinity has to die in just the same way that sexism and racism and homophobia have to die."

Those in power right now probably agree with Mr. De Boer and this could explain why the military is being castrated. The rules of engagement implemented by this administration in fighting the war on terror have benefitted the enemy and it is apparent that we no longer even recognize who the enemy may be. Longtime military officers and generals have left the service or have been forced out. Last year Obama fired nine senior commanding generals and now active and retired members of the military are accusing Obama of purging the services.

The utter disdain for the military was exposed with the recent trade of five Taliban murderers in Gitmo for one whom many soldiers regard as a traitor and deserter, Bowe Bergdahl. The outrage continues as Obama quietly is giving "get out of jail free" cards for the flimsiest of excuses. The metrosexuals on the Gitmo parole board plan to release one al Qaeda suspect who is considered reformed because he took up yoga. Another is regarded as harmless because he wants to start a honey and milk farm. I am not kidding. Welcome to the neutered United States of America.

 The emasculation of America is even evident in popular culture if you're paying attention. Grimm is one of the few network programs we watch and a recent episode had a fight scene that displayed the impressive fighting skills of one of the characters. My husband said, "I bet he's not an American." I later found out that he was correct. The actor's name is Damien Puckler and he is German and Russian and we are now friends on Facebook. Lol.

My husband and I have had this running gag about how Hollywood has had to go abroad and beyond to find male actors to represent tough characters for movies and television. American accents that were not Southern or Western were once difficult for foreigners to fake but not anymore.

The last Superman was played by a Brit, Henry Cavill; Simon Baker of The Mentalist is Australian. Another character on that show, Wayne Rigsby is played by Welsh actor, Owain Yeoman. The cable drama, Longmire, set in Wyoming, has the sheriff played by Robert Taylor, who is another Australian as is Alex O'Loughlin of "Hawaii Five-O." Damien Lewis of Homeland is English. The formidable Idris Elba, who played Stringer in The Wire miniseries, is English as is Chiwetel Ejiofor, nominated for an Oscar in 12 Years a Slave. Ryan Kwanten of "True Blood" is from Australia. Charlie Hunnam, star of Sons of Anarchy, is from England and there are so many more that all one has to do is look up the bios of all actors on

America can't afford to have wishy washy leaders because our enemy is deadly and in 2016 we will be electing a new leader. This November we will be electing members of Congress who will be instrumental in pushing through the new leader's agenda. Ronald Reagan died ten years ago and America has been searching for a dutiful replacement who can stand up to the deadly enemy that is jihadism. I can't find any Democrat that can fill his shoes. It will have to come from a grassroots candidate and at this point in time, surveys point to Ted Cruz as the likeliest. I, however, am not that eager to see another lawyer in the White House no matter how appealing he may be. Since he was also born in Canada the issue of natural born eligibility will be raised.

The most effective presidents have had experience as governors (save Jimmy Carter) and Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been one of the most successful. His proposals on tort reform, IRS and limiting the DC schedule for Congress are worthy of implementation and if he is elected with strong support he can get them passed. He served as a Captain in the US Air Force and has great respect for the military and for Israel. I think we've all seen the destruction that metrosexuals have been as leaders and I can't imagine a stronger image for an American president than a rootin- tootin cowboy.

Support the USO

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Re: When Metrosexuals Rule the Nation By Alicia Colon
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Re: When Metrosexuals Rule the Nation By Alicia Colon
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This is a metrosexual:

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