Author Topic: Chris Daughtry ‘Ashamed’ For His ‘I’m Off The Clock’ Remark On D-Day’s ‘Fox And Friends’ [VIDEO]  (Read 271 times)

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Chris Daughtry ‘Ashamed’ For His ‘I’m Off The Clock’ Remark On D-Day’s ‘Fox And Friends’ [VIDEO]

Posted By Heather Smith On 1:24 PM 06/08/2014 In | No Comments

Former “American Idol” star Chris Daughtry took to YouTube Saturday to apologize for his insensitive and “embarrassing” remarks disregarding D-Day on Fox and Friends.

The Idol star had performed on Friday morning on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” as part of the show’s All-American Summer Concert Series and when Fox host Steve Doocy asked, “Since today is D-Day, plus, 70, what patriotic song could we all sing?”

Daughtry responded, “I’m off the clock. I’m going to watch y’all.”

When the hosts attempted to come up with a song, Daughtry said as he left the stage, “This is where I’ll bail.”

Fox’s “The Five” host Eric Bolling called Daughtry “The Fool of the Week” for his behavior on D-Day.

After social media attacked Daughtry’s remarks, he went to YouTube Saturday to give a heartfelt apology.

“Hey everybody, I wish I was coming to you right now under better circumstances,” he opened his video response.

“In that moment,  I was thrown off. Unprepared and I panicked,” he admitted.  “It was absolutely disrespectful. Poor choice of words. Terrible judgement.”

He continued his apology: “And the worst part of all, I didn’t honor our troops. I didn’t honor our vets who are so deserving and sacrificed everything, their lives. Have sacrificed everything for our country. What I do is miniscule in comparison and will never live up to what they do for our country.”


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