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Fall in police dog and horse numbers
« on: June 09, 2014, 04:02:08 AM »
There have been significant reductions to UK police dog and horse units as a result of government spending curbs, figures obtained by BBC News reveal.

Since 2009, police dogs have been cut by more than 200 and five forces have disbanded their mounted sections.

Campaigners say the reductions will jeopardise police operations.

The Home Office, which has cut police funding by 20% in real terms over four years, says police still have enough resources to do their work.

Forty-eight police forces in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - including the Border Force and Ministry of Defence police - were asked to supply data for five years on police dogs and horses.

Thirty-seven provided data allowing meaningful comparisons to be made; the others either did not respond or gave only partial information.

Some 31 forces were able to provide details for 2009 and six others for 2010, 2011 or 2012.

In total, the 37 forces had 1,983 police dogs.

'Very short-sighted'

By 2014, 25 of the 37 forces had cut police dog numbers, six had increased them, and in six there was no change.

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Very shortsighted is the understatement of the year. Not exactly a doggie person, but I have seen dogs work and they are both amazing and rather terrifying. Police horses are even more valuable for riot control - a ton or so of muscle that can disable in one kick and can get places vehicles can't.
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