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Valerie Jarrett’s Nuclear Iran
« on: June 08, 2014, 02:33:43 PM »

Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett is considered by many to be the most powerful behind-the-scenes figure within the Obama White House.  She has been a fixture there since day one, and appears intent on remaining there until the last bit of power is squeezed from the years-in-the-making creation that is Barack Obama. One of Jarrett’s projects has been Iran, the place of her birth.  Not so long ago, the thought of a nuclear Iran, a nation that has long been a primary sponsor of terrorism throughout the world,  was inconceivable.  That has all changed, and now, Iran is on the verge of going nuclear, having enjoyed nearly six years of Valerie Jarrett’s approval to do so.

(The real force within the Obama White House has quietly been moving her birth nation of Iran to be a nuclear power)


While the news cycle is now dominated by stories of the 5 for 1 Taliban terrorist swap, and/or the VA scandal, or Benghazi, the IRS , or any other number of other administration scandals, The Obama administration has been consistently purposeful in freeing Iran from the obstacles of seeking to go nuclear.  Valerie Jarrett has played a pivotal role in this agenda, and is now on the verge of seeing ultimate success.


Reports out this week from both the UK Guardian, and Israeli news sources, outline just how fragmented the relationship between the Obama White House and Israel has become.  Not only were Israelis stunned to learn of the administration’s verbal and financial support of the terrorist Hamas group’s involvement in a new Palestinian government, but for years, Israel has called upon the United States to help defeat Iran’s push to become a nuclear power.  Iran in turn, has repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel “off the face of the earth”, should it have the power to do so.


Among the most concerning aspects of a nuclear Iran, is Israel’s concern that if it were to initiated a series of military strikes to reduce or eliminate the rogue nation’s nuclear program, not only would the United States not stand with Israel, but would go so far as to condemn the action.  Such a concern is well founded.  Political insiders have suggested Jarrett has repeated her demand to the president that he work to lessen ties with Israel, and instead create a stronger relationship with nations like Iran, and Palestine.  Over the course of the last few years, American policy has done just that.  Jarrett’s influence extended directly onto the State Department as well, with John Kerry reportedly seeking assurances his involvement with the now famous brokered  agreement last year between the United States and Iran that effectively gave Iran a green light to continue developing its nuclear program, met with Jarrett’s approval.


It should be noted that last year, the Obama administration repeatedly denied any involvement in secret talks with Iran regarding its nuclear program, and then in November of 2013, finally had to admit to the very thing they had for so long denied.  It was at this time as well that Israeli Intelligence pointed to Valerie Jarrett as being the primary broker of the deal, communicating directly with Iran’s top nuclear program official, Ali Akbar Salehi.  The White House ignored requests to confirm or deny Jarrett’s involvement, and soon, the media stopped asking.

Which brings us to present time.  This week, U.S. officials are meeting in Geneva with Iranian representatives to, according to them, forge a new accord regarding Iran’s nuclear program.  Insider reports suggest this meeting is a farce, much like the previous agreement was.  That agreement created six months of  a “do as you like” environment in which the Iranians moved forward to quickly consolidate its nuclear capabilities.  This next agreement will likely do the same, thus ensuring that by 2015, the terrorist state of Iran will be a nuclear power.


Once this phase is complete, the balance of power in the Middle East, and thus, the world, will be forever altered, and the potential for instability beyond anything seen in generations, could ensue.


It’s all going according to plan.


Jarrett’s plan.


Posted by ulsterman
June 8, 2014

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