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Poll Shows Growing Dissatisfaction with Administration's Handling of Illegal Immigration

Thu, Jun 5th 2014 @ 2:09 pm EDT
A new CNN Poll found that 61% of Americans disapprove of the administration's handling of illegal immigration. The poll was taken between May 29 and June 1 and asked for a simple approve or disapprove rating of a variety of issues. Only 35% said they approved of the President's handling of illegal immigration.

Pres. Obama's disapproval number is up 5 points since a similar CNN poll was taken last June. In the early year's of the President's term, while the administration was falsely claiming record deportations, Pres. Obama's approval rating was over 60%, reaching a peak of 67% on May 2, 2011. Around that time, the Supreme Court was listening to arguments over Arizona's mandatory E-Verify law, the administration was expanding its Secure Communities program, Pres. Obama had authorized the use of national guard troops along the Southwest border, and DHS was investigating the national fast food chain, Chipotle, for hiring illegal-alien workers.

Times have changed, however, since the spring of 2011. Earlier this week, Pres. Obama ordered a FEMA-led humanitarian mission to south Texas where scores of unaccompanied illegal-alien children are coming across the border. The administration is also considering ways to reduce the number of deportations, and just a few weeks ago, a CIS study found that the administration had recently released more than 36,000 criminal illegal aliens from custody.
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