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Summary Demographic National Data (and Source)
Population (2010 CB est.) 308,745,538
Population (2000 CB est.) 281,421,906
Foreign-Born Population (2011 CB est.) 40,377,860
Foreign-Born Population (2000 CB est.) 31,107,889
Share Foreign-Born (2011) 13.0%
Share Foreign-Born (2000) 10.1%
Naturalized U.S. Citizens (2011 CB est.) 18,142,197
Share Naturalized (2011) 44.9%
Legal Immigrant Admission (DHS 2001 – 2011) 10,436,527
Refugee Admission (HHS 2000 – 2011) 808,063
Illegal Alien Population (2010 FAIR est.) 11,900,000
Costs of Illegal Aliens (2009 FAIR) $83,665,408,222
Projected 2050 Population (2006 FAIR) 460,681,000
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