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“Lone Survivor” SEAL Takes Huge Stand Against Obama [WATCH]


As more facts come to the surface about Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the man President Obama illegally traded five Gitmo detainees for in a negotiation with the Taliban, more people become disillusioned with the current administration.

Members of the military are particularly upset about the trade, especially since evidence proves that Bergdahl not only deserted his post, but apparently fraternized with the enemy, declaring Jihad against America.

Obama, of course, has hailed Bergdahl as a hero, and has told the media he makes no apologies for making the trade, which has served to further enrage men and women in the military and citizens around the country.

“Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell, a former Navy SEAL, recently spoke with Glenn Beck about the exchange.

One of the fascinating points Luttrell hit on was that if he’d have been the one being rescued, the deal would’ve made him upset, and he also hammers on Obama for using the Bergdahl deal to shift attention away from the VA scandal.


To begin, Glenn asked Luttrell if he would have been okay with the United States negotiating the release of himself in exchange for five high-level Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

“No, sir. Matter of fact, that’s what most people have been asking me and talking to me about. That thought never even crossed my mind when I was out there and when the Taliban had me,” Luttrell explained. “They didn’t have me for five years like they had him, but the thing that I held onto was that my teammates would come get me or I was going to die out there – not turn over some of the guys that were responsible for some of the worst atrocities that we’ve seen so far. So that one caught me off guard. I really wasn’t expecting that.”

Much like Michelle Malkin said earlier in the program, Luttrell believes the Bergdahl release was orchestrated to divert attention away from the VA scandal.

“Look, I don’t ever talk bad about the president. You know that you’re not gonna get me to say anything ill about the office,” Luttrell said. “But I will say this: Good job on the politicians shucking off that VA scandal by doing the whole Bergdahl thing… even if it did backfire and releasing those guys is a bad move.”

Luttrell is spot on here. Each time a scandal pops up for Obama, which as of late has been pretty regularly, he makes some kind of rash move to make himself look better in the public eye, as if he were putting on make-up to hide blemishes.

The people of this country, along with the media that isn’t in Obama’s pocket, need to stand firm and keep applying pressure on the White House about the VA scandal so that veterans do not once again get shoved to the background and forgotten.

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