Author Topic: Exclusive: Afghan villagers recall when Bergdahl stumbled into their midst  (Read 144 times)

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It is difficult to believe that these idiots in the White House did not know about things like this.  If they did not, they were negligent in their duties as advisers to the President. 

If they did know about this, and the other many emerging details about Bowe al Ameriki, and deliberately ignored the professional advise of those who know, and allowed the President to walk right off a cliff on this, then they are professionally incompetent.

But what if the United States was led down the Primrose Path on this by the Taliban??  What if Bowe al Ameriki was a plant??  A deliberate voluntary "hostage" whose political value was used to the fullest by the Taliban against a willing, foolish, amateur infidel American White House who would not only fall for anything, but could easily be persuaded to actively participate in sticking Bowe al Ameriki up their own asses??

The levels of incompetence on this are stunning.  I don't think the depth of this has really sunk in yet.  It is only Wednesday and this whole thing began to explode last Saturday night.  Given the timespan involved and the already very well known history behind this guy, it is difficult to believe that this Administration worked so hard to short circuit so many controls and ignore so much professional advice, "Salute and STFU"....but here we are.

This is unprecedented in my lifetime.  I cannot think of an American President who willingly blundered so badly, widely, and publically as Obama has.  To call this a disaster is an understatement.  The firestorm is just beginning over this one....


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