Author Topic: Is This The Most Perverted Aspect Of Sharia Law? This part of Sharia Law is very dangerous to America.  (Read 208 times)

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Is This The Most Perverted Aspect Of Sharia Law?

This part of Sharia Law is very dangerous to America

Sharia law is nothing if not hypocritical. It forbids what is good (rights for women) and sanctions what is evil-–savagery toward women. Sharia wraps woman in cloth bags to “protect their virtue” but treats women like farm animals. In the perpetual frat boy’s dream that is adherence to Sharia, women have no rights; they are not esteemed or celebrated in anyway but rather taken advantage of constantly. Male Sharia adherents see women only as specialized animals good for relieving their sexual demands. Female Sharia adherents are not allowed to have an opinion, let alone express one.

One of the more curious hypocrisies in Sharia, the rules of the “Religion of Peace,” is Nikah mut’ah–which is Arabic for ‘pleasure marriage.” These “pleasure marriages,” often lasting ten minutes, take place between horny Muslims and prostitutes. This begs the question: How can the same Islamists, who go postal to protect the “chastity” of women they demand be cloaked in fifteen pound burkas, visit prostitutes with the blessing of Sharia law?

The answer is the Muslim ten minute “marriage.”

Muslim men are forbidden to visit a hooker, so they have to “marry” prostitutes for the ten minutes they rent them.

Nevertheless, there are certain “very strict” regulations involving the farm animals they rent. She must be a Muslim (stark hypocrisy since prostitution is strictly forbidden under Sharia law). She must not be addicted to fornication (and hey, what hooker ISN’T “addicted to fornication?”); and to avoid having to pay the farm animal’s father for deflowering his little girl, the hooker must not be a virgin.

The “marriage” is negotiated and takes place in a brothel. Once it is consummated (in the case of a 15 year old, ten minutes later), the “husband” divorces his “wife” (perhaps for being a prostitute?) by saying, “I divorce you,” three times.

To meet the needs of his customers, a brothel owner in Amsterdam has found three Imams, who undoubtedly for a price have given their stamp of approval to the pimp’s haram declaring his farm animals “halal” or clean meat. How this differs from a “USDA” stamp on a side of beef is a mystery.

This part of Sharia Law is very dangerous to America–and even to the hookers who would foolishly go along with this frat boy’s dream.

Every “John” caught with a hooker could walk away by claiming to be a Muslim engaged in a Nikah mutah, and the hookers involve could claim to be good Muslim wives. The problem for hookers would be Sharia’s “Once a Muslim, always a Muslim” rule that would compel them to follow Sharia Law in their post “Nikah mutah” lives.

Since these “Nikah mutah” are part of Sharia Law, how can the liberal bottom feeders who want Muslims to “be free to follow their own religious laws” stop this from happening here in America? To the dangerous liberal mind, all cultures and religions except Christianity are equally worthy of respect, no matter what their doctrines are.

Constitutions are not designed for metaphysical or logical subtleties, for niceties of expression, for critical propriety, for elaborate shades of meaning, or for the exercise of philosophical acuteness or judicial research. They are instruments of a practical nature, founded on the common business of human life, adapted to common wants, designed for common use, and fitted for common understandings.

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