Author Topic: Time...White House Overrode Internal Objections to Taliban Prisoner Release  (Read 178 times)

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Whatever you want to call it now, it is a done deal.  It is over but for the hollerin'.

But the bottom line here is that the White House was repeatedly told this was a bad idea, but Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice overrode all opposition and warnings of impending disaster, and talked Obammy into pushing the button.

I don't think it has soaked in to the American consciousness yet that the Commander in Chief addressed the graduating class of Cadets at West Point about his great foreign powers and the fight they are preparing for in Afghanistan, and met with the Emir of Qatar to work out the details of that deal while he was there!  If that is not a strong indicator for his contempt of the Military I do not know what is.

They knew better.  They were warned.  They believed their own line of magical thinking bullshit and pulled one of the biggest foreign policy blunders committed by an Administration.  This incompetence eclipses anything the Carter crew dreamed up, and certainly exceeds the death toll of Carter's failed hostage rescue attempt.

They knew better and did it anyway, and then try to act surprised when all hell breaks loose.

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As in the days of my youth, MAD Magazine positively nails it.
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