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Elliot Rodger Shooting – Second Shooter Confirmed, Active Shooter Drill at SBCC Scheduled The Day After

Truth Frequency Radio
By Chris Geo
May 26, 2014

(Truth Frequency Radio) Today on The Kev Baker Show, Kev Baker revealed groundbreaking information about the mysterious “second shooter” that was injured and taken into custody. On May 23, Elliot Rodger allegedly stabbed three people to death and shot three others in a “shooting spree” that left the nation once again screaming for gun control. As earlier and media reports claimed, a second man accompanied Elliot Rodger, son of Peter Rodger, co-director of the Hunger Games.

In the audio we clearly hear the police instructed to “stay away” from Isla Vista during this situation. This is similar to reports we received during Sandy Hook, where local police reported “special units” taking over the scenes and restricting their access. During the Aurora, CO “Batman Shooting”, police radio transmissions stated that a second shooter was apprehended. The description of the suspects changed from multiple shooters in “swat-like attire” to a lone gunman “dressed like the Joker”. Once again, the same anomalies emerge with the Elliot Rodger situation.

The audio clearly states that two gunmen were wounded and taken into custody. No further reports were made of a second gunman. Listen to the audio below.

Active Shooter Drill Scheduled

Important to note: the shooting took place just hours before an active shooter drill was scheduled to take place at Santa Barbara Community College, literally blocks away from the shooting.

Coincidentally, the shooting took place the same day as SBCC celebrated its graduation ceremonies and just one day before the campus was slated for a massive emergency-preparedness drill by multiple public-safety agencies in case of some hypothetical disaster. That disaster, tragically, was not nearly hypothetical enough.

Interestingly, however, the authorities have the drill on the calendar for the 28th. We’ve posted it here for posterity purposes, but let’s face it: If the locals were vague about when the drill was supposed to take place, it could have been taking place at the time of the shooting.
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