Author Topic: POW dad’s bizarre deleted tweet raises questions about Obama’s prisoner swap  (Read 194 times)

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A Twitter posting by the father of the serviceman released from Taliban captivity  Saturday in exchange for five prisoners from Guantanamo Bay is raising deep questions about what exactly the Obama administration did to get Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl out of Afghanistan.

Here’s the tweet, which Robert Bergdahl posted May 28 – before his son’s release – and deleted Saturday, according to


Whatever else it might be, “God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen!” doesn’t sound like a rousing call to patriotism.

ABalkhi is the Twitter handle of Abdulqahar Balkhi, a Taliban spokesman.

It’s important to remember the elder Bergdahl posted the message while his son was still in captivity and might have been willing to say anything while talking to the sergeant’s captors. It’s also  unclear whether the tweet was intended to be public.

But the contents of the posting are making a lot of people suspicious.

The circumstances of Bergdahl’s capture are already odd — no one knows why he left that Army base five years ago and a USA story published Saturday shows Bergdahl is thought by many in the military to have either deserted or gone AWOL.

Also, the release of Guantanamo Bay terrorists in exchange for him violates a longstanding U.S. policy of not negotiating — at least publicly — with terrorist organizations. It also violated U.S. law that requires Congress to receive 30 days’ notice before Gitmo prisoners are released, according to top Republicans on the House and Senate armed services committees.

And, let’s face it, the Obama administration is widely distrusted particularly when it comes to its handling of terrorism — the shadows of Benghazi are long. Twitter postings reacting to the elder Bergdahl’s deleted post reflected that.

Here’s a sample, via Twitchy.

(Note: Some strong language at the end.)

    This is why Obama might have another scandal on his hands.. #Fatigue

    — S.M (@redsteeze) June 1, 2014

    “@RichardGrenell: RT @wendykjohns: bowes dad is working to free all gitmo prisoners“@whiskeytengo Yikes!

    — Deborah Cleveland (@Dbeb311) June 1, 2014

    Wow. This is the father who appeared alongside Obama today. RT @bobbergdahl: I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners.

    — Christian Ziegler (@ChrisMZiegler) June 1, 2014

    @irritatedwoman Why is Bowe Berghdahl’s father trying 2 free Gitmo prisoners? This POW story has been odd since day 1

    — Mary A (@JoanOfArc1909) June 1, 2014

    @RichardGrenell I am sick to my stomach! God save us from our leaders.

    — Deborah Matthews (@DeborahMatthew1) May 31, 2014

And here’s one that pretty well sums up how Americans might feel about the whole situation.

    So, it seems Bergdahl’s father is sympathetic toward the Taliban at Gitmo. That’s bleep fantastic.

    — TFC3Tweets (@TFC3Tweets) June 1, 2014

That’s tough to beat.

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