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Group Attacked For Being White In Cincinnati
« on: June 01, 2014, 05:04:35 AM »
Group Attacked For Being White In Cincinnati

Posted By Chuck Ross On 11:20 AM 05/30/2014 In | No Comments

A Cincinnati man says that a group of black teenagers yelled at him and a group of white people “Why are you white people in our neighborhood?” before attacking him, in what police are investigating as a hate crime.

The attacks occurred at the three-day Taste of Cincinnati event last Sunday.

The annual event attracts over half a million visitors to the area. But it also apparently attracted violent groups of young people.

A police report obtained by The Daily Caller classifies attacks on two men, Scottie Hunter and Randy Ulses, as hate crimes.

The report says that Ulses, white, was being punched in the face by a black male and kicked by a group of black males. Hunter, who is also white, was assaulted by a group including black males and black females, according to the report.

The hate crime is classified as “Anti-White” on the report.

Reached by phone, Hunter confirmed that his attackers mentioned race before beating him.

“Why are you white people in our neighborhood? Who do you think you are?” they yelled before the beating, according to Hunter.

The son of a Hamilton County prosecutor was also attacked during the festival. Jonathan Deters, 23, and his girlfriend were approached by five or six suspects who reportedly beat the couple, sending both to the hospital with minor injuries.

That attack was captured on video by a metro bus, according to Fox 19.

Another man, David Manz, said that he was attacked by a group of 20 teenage girls, according to WKRC. He suffered broken ribs from the beating.

At least two shootings took place at the Taste of Cincinnati festival as well, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

There have been no reports of arrests in the attacks. Cincinnati police could not be immediately reached for comment.

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