Author Topic: Armed Brother Protects Siblings from Home Invaders by Killing 1 & Wounding 1  (Read 185 times)

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Armed Brother Protects Siblings from Home Invaders by Killing 1 & Wounding 1

Once again I am thrilled to report that having a gun in the house saved four children from armed intruders.

Located in California’s Central Valley is the small community of Orosi. Named for the golden poppies that blanketed the area in the 1880s, Orosi has a population of around 9,000 today. It’s not a prosperous community with an average household income of only $30,400 compared to the national average of $51,000. Around 25% of the families live under the poverty level.

Early Tuesday morning, the quiet area just outside Orosi was shattered with the sounds of a gun battle. Several armed men kicked in the front door of a home on Road 140 around 6am. At home at the time were a 22 year old man and his three siblings, ages 18, 11 and 8. The oldest brother quickly grabbed a handgun from the safe as he saw two men entering his house.

When the 22 year old confronted the intruders, shots were fired. When it was all over, one intruder lay dead on the floor inside the house and another intruder was wounded. His companions grabbed him and took off in their vehicle. The 22 year old was shot several times and was taken to the hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery from his wounds. None on his younger siblings were injured.

Not long after the incident took place, a van pulled up to Keweah Delta Medical Center where the wounded intruder was dropped off. Security cameras caught two other men driving a gray 1990 Chevy Astrovan with California plates 7CHR190.

I’m glad the older brother will recover from his wounds, and yes, I’m glad that at least one of the intruders was killed and another wounded. I have no compassion on people who break into other people’s home with the intent to rob and do harm. I hope more of them get shot by armed homeowners and maybe some of them will opt not to continue their heinous criminal practices.

I also want to remind you that if President Obama, Vice President Biden, US Attorney General Holder and 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton had their way, there would not have been a gun in that Orosi home. They would have preferred to place the four siblings at the mercy of the armed intruders with no way to protect themselves, each other or their home. All four of them have openly endorsed the UN treaties that would ban most firearms from private ownership. They have openly stated that the Second Amendment does not guarantee people the right to own and use firearms.

I urge all of you reading this to ask every candidate running in the 2014 midterm election how they feel about gun ownership, the right to bear arms or the need for more gun control and universal gun registration and background checkouts. Then remember their answers when you go to the polls in November and make sure only those that support the full extent of the Second Amendment gets your vote.

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