Author Topic: Gabby Giffords: Congress Must Pass Gun Control to Protect Women Post-Santa Barbara  (Read 292 times)

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Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly are calling on Congress to take "immediate action" and pass gun control to protect women in the wake of Elliot Rodger's heinous attacks in Santa Barbara.

According to Politico, Giffords and Kelly sent a letter to Congress via email in which Kelly wrote:

    These mass shooting are too often followed by stories about the perpetrator's history of severe mental illness. Thankfully taking action on mental health and protecting women from gun violence are issues Democrats and Republicans can agree on – despite the filibuster of expanded background checks last year.

The letter also said, "Congress must stop hiding behind the excuse of politics and take up this issue to ensure the dangerously mentally ill don't have easy access to guns and to protect women from gun death and intimidation."

During his May 23 attacks in Santa Barbara Elliot Rodger killed two women and four men.

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They are nothing, if not predictable......
Character still matters.  It always matters.

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I doubt poor Ms. Giffords can express an independent thought, so here's to you, Mark Kelly:  you're an idiot.
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Rodger passed a background check.  So how would expanded background checks have prevented this shooting?
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They are nothing, if not predictable......

Predictable as the rising sun. The NRA is at fault, gun control, blah, blah, blah, same ol' same ol'.
The new wrinkle in this case is making a case against "White privilage", "Nerd rage", and "protecting women".
Of course we all know that Liberals do not care a bit about truth, reality, or logic, but the glaring hypocrisy in what they are saying is inescapable.
First he killed half of his victims with a knife and his car. Second, only about half of his victims were female. And third, he is not even what most people would call 'White'. He was a kind of Asian mixed race or something.
Not that any of this matters. The Liberals have their marching orders, and as always they will follow the Party line, no matter how absurd it may be.
We have seen all of this before. It is like watching a re-run for the sixth time.
You cannot "COEXIST" with people who want to kill you.

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