Author Topic: Record Ice in Lake Superior but We Still Need to Tax What You Exhale  (Read 234 times)

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Record Ice in Lake Superior but We Still Need to Tax What You Exhale

Posted 4 hours ago by Mark Horne filed under Environment, Global Warming

According to the Weather Channel, Lake Superior still has ice floating in it—lots of ice. Day-trippers came to the bright, sunny shore on Memorial Day weekend only to find a lake crowded with ice chunks so big that a person could stand on them.

According to NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, just under five percent of Lake Superior still contained chunks of ice as of May 26. A separate analysis from Environment Canada found Lake Superior ice cover to be the largest for late May in records dating to 1980-81.

Global warming alarmists will simply sneer and say that mere weather doesn’t prove anything about climate. But they are hypocritical liars. We are no longer allowed to suffer through a hurricane without being terrorized with claims that we need to cancel capitalism and raise taxes on energy to stop the sure effects of global warming—the fact that there is no trend line of increasing storms is completely ignored.

So all hot weather is proof of global warming and man-made catastrophe, while all cold weather is “merely weather” and proves nothing. We know this because the models show us that the earth’s average temperature will increase with the increase in carbon dioxide. Except that is not happening. Global warming is on “pause.” How do we know that it is merely a pause? Because we know global warming is true. How do we know global warming is true? Because we have computer models. Do the computer models show a pause? No, they show temperatures steadily rising. So we have models that have nothing to do with present reality but we are going to claim they support the resumption of a rise in temperature? If the models don’t show a halt (whether temporary or not) to Gobal warming, then they are unreliable models and need to be scrapped. They can’t be used as proof that warming will resume.

No matter what happens, global warming is treated as proven dogma. Polar ice caps thickening and all other contrary evidence is ignored as meaningless anomalies. If you ever corner a Global Warming alarmist with the evidence, he will appeal to “fundamental physics.” Since we know that carbon dioxide traps heat and we know that carbon dioxide is increasing we can safely presume that global warming is happening no matter what the evidence tells us.

But for those of us who care about evidence, this pseudo-intellectual cult is repulsive and ignorant. It is also dangerous.

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I love the appeal to "fundamental physics."

Air warms up. More water is vaporized. Water vapor rises, forms high clouds. Albedo increases, reflecting more heat back into space. Air cools. Water falls as rain, carrying dissolved CO2 with it.

Rinse and repeat.

The entire planet is an intricately designed negative feedback machine. I am not saying there can not be local effects from human activity, but climate is not local.
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