Author Topic: Hillary Frowns On Income Inequality From Atop A Glittering Mountain Of Wealth And Privilege  (Read 218 times)

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Hillary Frowns On Income Inequality From Atop A Glittering Mountain Of Wealth And Privilege

Let them eat cake. But you know, YOUR cake. Not hers.

| Caleb Howe |

Jerome Hudson at The Daily Surge on Wednesday pointed out a glaring, if typical, disconnect between the rhetoric and reality of Hillary Clinton in her new video promoting her new book. In the video, the former Secretary says that we have to make the "hard choices" necessary to fight the "cancer" of inequality.

"I think people will see that we are strong and well-equipped to restore prosperity here at home, to deal with the cancer of inequality," she says, adding that it "doesn’t happen by accident or wishing for it or engaging in ideological and rhetorical battles." This sounds like a precursor to remarking on the value of hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, or American ingenuity. Instead, she makes the assertion that prosperity only happens when "people come together and make a series of choices, including some hard choices to establish a foundation for a strong economy, a strong united society." You know, it takes a village. Or if you prefer "you didn't build that."

Hudson points out the glaring inequity in Clinton's video about inequality.

“Hillary, champion of the middle class, has made more than 90 speeches since leaving her post as Sec. of State. And if you guessed that she has been speaking to your average middle class audience, you’d be dead wrong. Most of Hillary’s high-profile appearances included private equity firms, big investment banks, and a host of colleges and universities. Hillary was recently hammered when her usual speaking fee of $200,000 a speech was revealed by the New York Times.

Hillary also snagged an $8 million advance for her memoir “Living History” and another $14 million for “Hard Choices.”

That's right, the very book Hillary is promoting in this talk of hard choices and the "cancer" of inequality has brought her a whopping, multi-million dollar payday right off the bat. One would guess that enormous advance isn't going to be "spread around."

Not that this is anything new for the party of the people. Just last month National Review reported on pet Democrat economist Paul Krugman being paid a quarter of a million dollars to study, you guessed it, income inequality. And one can hardly leave the house or go online without hearing some celebrity demanding higher taxes for more social benefits, never mind that they are absolutely free to pay more right this very minute if they chose.

Being wealthy is no bar to helping the middle class prosper. In fact, innovators and achievers are almost always job creators and wealth creators for the middle class. But Democrats don't believe in that. They daily espouse the Robin Hood doctrine of the economy. Hudson concludes that "it’s going to be really hard for a serial-millionaire, one-percenter like Hillary Clinton to put herself up as America’s foremost champion of the middle-class," but that's usually untrue. Above all their other sloganeering and catch phrasing, one motto stands apart as the singular summary of the Democrats: do as I say, not as I do.

In any case, just remember this. Our leadership is not, "somehow, endowed, from birth, of our country." Because sense to make, is that, thought, she has.
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