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Nightmare at Our Border: 60,000 Children Being Smuggled in From Latin America

May 29, 2014
By Sara Noble

children crossing

Reuters reports that children as young as three are streaming across our southern border creating a humanitarian crisis here in the States. There is insufficient housing and food for them at this time. Since Mr. Obama’s free-wheeling DREAMer rule and other lax policies have been put in place, and since he does not enforce immigration law, the numbers of these children have risen from 6,000 in 2011 to 60,000 this year.

These are children being smuggled in by coyotes and parents are arranging for it in many cases.

The Democrats say there is no correlation and 70% of the children are fleeing violence and poverty.

The truth is that many are coming to meet their parents also in the country illegally.

What Reuters doesn’t report is that many of these children have been told to lie and their stories are not being checked. They are going unverified.

We allow the children to reunite with their families in an unknown number of cases and this crisis will force more of that. This will encourage more of this extremely dangerous immigration of young, mostly teenage children.

We don’t have immigration laws because the president won’t enforce them. Our borders are wide open.

The DREAMers were supposed to be children who were brought here through no fault of their own. It will likely be extended to children illegally immigrating.

Reuters reports:

“Now, it is again seen that there is a better life to be had in the United States and it’s worth the risk” of parents encouraging their children to make the perilous journey from countries like El Salvador and Honduras, said Langon, now a professor at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Also, with drug wars raging in Mexico, those fleeing Central American countries are less likely to make Mexico their destination and instead continue onto the United States, he said.

It’s becoming a serious budget and border-security issue.

Republican Representative John Carter of Texas blamed Obama for what he called a “nightmare at the border” with “tens of thousands of children” being smuggled into the United States.

In an opinion piece in The Hill newspaper last month, Carter said Obama’s policies had created an “invitational posture for illegal immigrants.” He said the administration helped to fuel the crossings with a 2012 decision to give temporary relief from deportation to certain children brought to the United States illegally by their parents.

These tens of thousands of children are being smuggled in by coyotes and are being put in extremely dangerous situations, some have died in the crossing, and their parents are in the United States illegally in tens of thousands of cases.

That’s what happens when the laws aren’t enforced – people are not stopped at the border and are not deported. We’re not even deporting criminals. They then send for their children and other family members, endangering their lives. There will be no end unless we enforce our laws.
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