Author Topic: Pakastani woman murdered in "honor killing"  (Read 217 times)

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Pakastani woman murdered in "honor killing"
« on: May 28, 2014, 10:18:44 PM »
In the latest example of an "honor killing," a pregnant woman in Pakistan was stoned to death by her father, two of her brothers, and others.

From NBC News:

The postmortem of a Pakistani woman killed for marrying the man she loved has established that she was five months pregnant, her stepson told Reuters on Wednesday.

Farzana Iqbal, 25, was stoned to death by her family outside one of Pakistan's top courts in the city of Lahore on Tuesday in a so-called "honor" killing.

"Her baby died in her womb," said Muhammad Aurangzeb, a son of her previous husband.

Honor killings are common in Pakistan, where women are often denied their basic rights. But the brutality of this case caused outrage around the world.

Many Pakistani families think it dishonorable for a woman to fall in love and choose her own husband.

Here is the link to the full article:  NBC News - Breaking News & Top Stories - Latest World, US & Local News

Can anyone imagine a more hideous (or more perverted) definition of "honor" than this?

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