Author Topic: Clinton: Scotland Should Stay in the UK, Brussels isn't Important, and I'm Better than Reagan  (Read 190 times)

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Scotland will never leave the UK, despite the pipe dreams of the SNP.

1/ They haven't the infrastructure or tax base to go it alone. The rest of the UK heavily subsidises Scotland.

2/ Their claim that they can get by on North Sea oil and gas is predicated on them being granted ownership of the fields and terminals, despite not having built them or maintained them.

3/ Labour will work to undermine any independence movement. Without the reliably Labour voting Scottish districts, Labour will be reduced to permanent minority status in the rest of the UK.

4/ They have been told, explicitly, that a vote for independence will remove them from the pound sterling and the exchange rate and debt guarantees provided by the Bank of England.

All in all - it's just the usual rabble rousing BS.
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