Author Topic: Any failures in Iraq and Afghanistan are due to political incompetence, not flawed strategy By Con Coughlin  (Read 234 times)

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I would argue it was the ill-considered 2011 campaign in Libya, where the refusal to commit ground forces resulted in the takeover of the country by Islamist militias, that really helped to revive al-Qaeda's fortunes.

"Political Incompetence" in the title...'military incompetence'....!

We're into our 6th year with this goober, and they still love the word "incompetence"

1) Obama's CIA initiated Egypt's supposed love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood.   He was responsible for Morsi's arrest.   Only the Egyptian military waved Egypt from being taken over by Obama's buddies in the MB.  Today, they're recognized as a terrorist organization.

2) Obama took down and indirectly murdered Gaddafi.  A stealth "2 week" selected bombing campaign turned into months' long hours where American soldiers sat at a computer screen and played a real life version of "war" with drones.   We still don't know what was bombed, how many died, who they were, etc..   The end result is that there's no Libyan military to save the the Egyptians were fortunate to have.

3) Obama has been completely antagonistic to Israel, while at the same time, helping to maneuver Iran into building their bomb.

4) Obama has abandoned and wasted all the American blood spilled in Afghanistan.  We absolutely nothing to show for it.  Instead, he advertises to the enemy when and how many will remain after the pullout.

When are they going to stop using the word "incompetent" and grow a set?   

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