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Terrorists All Around Us
« on: May 28, 2014, 07:09:31 AM »

Terrorists All Around Us

Posted on May 26, 2014 by Dave Jolly Filed under Corruption, Crime, Culture, Government, Liberalism, National Security, Terrorism

Have you ever looked at the people around you and wondered who if any could be a terrorist? Perhaps your next door neighbor, Sunday school teacher, your niece or uncle are secretly plotting to blow up a building. How well do you know your co-workers?

These are the questions posed by Mark Hyman with Behind the Headlines. He points out that none of these people are really building bombs, wearing suicide vests or committing any other form of terrorism, yet the way the NSA has been spying on every American it seems that way.

When Congress asked the NSA about the spying, their intelligence officers committed perjury when they lied about why and what they were doing. Instead of addressing the questions being posed to them, the NSA officers kept changing the subject.

Yet when it was all done and over with, the Justice Department did nothing to hold the NSA officers accountable for their lying to Congress. There was a sufficient amount of evidence to back up perjury charges, but none were ever filed.

This is the same Justice Department that went after Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Roger Clemens with a vengeance for only being accused of lying to Congress. When the evidence was weighed by a jury, Clemens was acquitted of the charges.

But when it comes to terrorists, the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge or take action against real terrorists. For example, they still do not consider Boko Haram as a terrorist group. This group has murdered over 10,000 people, mostly Christians, which is why the Obama administration refuses to label them as terrorists. The 300 school girls they kidnapped have been forced to convert to Islam.

While Hyman stops with the government’s terrorist comparison of Boko Haram and your neighbors, I want to add several other terrorist groups that Obama refuses to call terrorists. Let’s start with the Muslim Brotherhood. Once in power in Egypt, they went on a murderous spree against the nation’s Coptic Christians. They beat, robbed, raped, burned and murdered Christians and yet Obama kept sending them hundreds of millions of dollars to help their cause.

There is still some question about whether or not the Obama administration considers Hamas or the Palestinians as terrorists. It doesn’t seem to matter to the White House that these groups have murdered thousands of innocent bystanders in numerous bombing and suicide attacks.

Barack Obama’s own half-brother Malik Obama works with the Islamic Da’wa Organization that has direct links to the Sudanese government which has committed numerous acts of terrorism, mainly against their own people. Yet, while the NSA spies on you, me and everyone around us, Malik is regularly welcomed at the White House along with a number of other Muslim extremists.

So according to the actions of the NSA and our federal government, there are terrorists all around us while the real terrorists are guests of the very same government

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