Author Topic: Here Are The Top Ways Obama Has Declared War On Veterans  (Read 173 times)

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Here Are The Top Ways Obama Has Declared War On Veterans
« on: May 27, 2014, 10:56:01 AM »

Here Are The Top Ways Obama Has Declared War On Veterans

"Is it any wonder we are seeing record rates of suicide?"

Avatar of Allan Erickson   Allan Erickson — May 23, 2014

An American 18-year-old steps up to volunteer for military service.  After undergoing rigorous training, that young person accepts a duty to protect and defend us, risking his life.  Experiencing continuous depravation, this young soldier is paid next to nothing.  He is often assigned an impossible task: deploy to a war zone without a clearly articulated mission, fight a mostly anonymous enemy in lethal urban settings or harsh wilderness, submit to rules of engagement that essentially tie his hands making him a sitting duck, smile and win hearts and minds in the name of nation building, and keep quiet when friends are killed by terrorists dressed as allies.

Along the way, various politicians, including the president, issue statements insulting to the American serviceman or woman, compromising the mission and undermining readiness. The media jumps on every propaganda report of alleged atrocity, casting the American military in the worst light. Back home, most civilians are oblivious to the reality on the ground, few having any skin in the game and most complaining about wars that don’t even touch them.

Thus, the American soldier is asked to do the impossible through many deployments; and he is either ignored or insulted. Is it any wonder so many come home with PTSD? ” Is it any wonder we are seeing record rates of suicide? And then, we pile injury on insult.

Elderly WWII Veterans are barred from visiting the Memorial in D.C. for no other reason than the president wants to rub his opposition’s noses in the mud.  Not to be denied, those brave Vets of the Greatest Generation pull down the barriers; and as free men who fought for the right, they insist on freedom of movement and expression.

Older Veterans across the country put in for medical benefits they’ve earned, only to be put on secret waiting lists, denied treatment, and left to die.  Others who recently returned are shuffled and shifted around by the bureaucracy, denied treatment by sloth and incompetence, and tragically driven to suicide all too often.

All this happens under the watch of an administration populated by people hostile to the American military, people who were informed about problems in the V.A. system many years ago, people (including the president) who simply do not care about the suffering of soldiers who have suffered enough.   They do nothing to substantially support our military, and much to undermine it.
•A Marine sergeant is imprisoned in Mexico. His life is threatened. He is chained, arms and legs, to a bed for 30 days.  He is denied basic human rights and is falsely accused.  This president is silent and negligent.
•Against the will of most military personnel, this president forces the homosexual agenda on them, injurious to combat readiness.
•He undercuts and muzzles Christian chaplains, denying enlisted personnel the assurance and counsel they require.
•Telegraphing retreat in Afghanistan, this president puts our people in greater danger, making victory impossible.
•Leaving Iraq prematurely, this president squandered years of blood and treasure, humiliating us on the world stage.
•Cutting funding to the bone, this president cripples our military, putting all of us at risk.
•Funding and arming terrorists in Syria and Egypt (and who knows where else), the president commits acts of treason.
•Thanks to failed foreign policy and weak leadership, this president has allowed terrorists to expand their operations, putting the west in greater danger than before 9/11.
•Obama once called the SEALS Cheney’s death squad.  His DHS stated that veterans present a terror threat.  He threatened to prosecute the CIA over enhanced interrogation.  He accused Bush of war crimes.

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