Author Topic: Jack In The Box’s Decision To Ban Guns Just Backfired (And People Are Getting Hurt)  (Read 183 times)

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Jack In The Box’s Decision To Ban Guns Just Backfired (And People Are Getting Hurt)

The first event occurred Sunday afternoon...

Avatar of B. Christopher Agee   B. Christopher Agee — May 23, 2014


Earlier this month, two restaurant chains – Jack in the Box and Chipotle – caved to mounting pressure from anti-gun groups to discourage patrons from carrying firearms inside any of their respective locations.

For the former, that decision has apparently proven to be an enticing move for potential criminals. Much to the chagrin of gun-grabbing activists, the fast food chain’s move to ban weapons has coincided with three separate incidents involving armed criminals within a two-week period.

In Nashville, Tenn., a man was shot after he declined a black male’s attempt to sell him drugs. The suspect got away after firing two shots and injuring the victim’s leg.

Robberies in two other Jack in the Box locations – both in Houston, Texas – also resulted in terrorized customers and vanishing suspects.

The first occurred Sunday afternoon, when a man was shot in the arm during a robbery. Responding authorities were unsure whether the victim was the intended target or if the gunman was attempting to target the restaurant.

A few days later, four armed robbers targeted another Houston location during its lunch rush; and although no one was shot during the incident, the men made off with money from multiple employees and customers inside. A vigilant patron pursued the fleeing vehicle, resulting in the arrest of the driver. The other three robbers were able to escape.

While anti-Second Amendment activists insisted the chain prohibit guns after allegations that employees were frightened by customers who were legally carrying firearms, it seems those fears have now been replaced by the genuine threat posed by emboldened criminals who now see Jack in the Box as an easy target.

As Western Journalism recently reported, a newly opened North Carolina restaurant was also targeted by armed robbers this month. Though a correlative relationship would be hard to prove, the eatery prominently displayed a sign on its front door barring the possession of any weapons by customers authorized to carry them.

Only time will tell if Chipotle locations experience a similar rise in armed robbery as a result of its recent decision to prohibit guns.

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