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ANALYSIS: Seeing Russia Standing in Path of Western Imperialism, US Destabilizes Ukraine

MOSCOW, May 16 (RIA Novosti) – Washington is interested in destabilizing Ukraine as a means to outcompete the independent Russian government standing in the way of Western imperialism, US professor Steven Jonas told RIA Novosti Friday.

“I think that in promoting the destabilization of Ukraine, the primary objective of Western Imperialism is to eventually bring Russia into its global capitalist network, without the impediment of an independent Russian government standing in its way of doing that, as is presently the case,” Jonas said, commenting on US involvement in Ukraine.

Jonas commented on reports that Hunter Biden, the son of US Vice President Joe Biden, along with the family of Secretary of State John Kerry, are to join state-run companies in Ukraine. The professor gave a common sense historical explanation for such actions.

“All wars waged abroad by imperialist powers are waged primarily for economic reasons, and that has been the case since the early development of mercantile capitalism,” he stated.

Echoing the opinion, peace activist Michael Rivero also outlined the economic drivers behind US foreign policy choices.

“The US has a long history of allowing the financial system, which is inherently unstable due to the practice of allowing a private bank to issue the public currency as a loan at interest, to reach a point of collapse, and then use a major war to try to correct the mess, or at least distract the public from it,” Rivero told RIA Novosti.

More alarming developments await US citizens, as war or any kind of military intervention abroad is never cheap. Rivero believes the “curse” of the situation is that policy decisions are in the hands of those who have little or no understanding of what the repercussions can be for the country’s people, as illustrated by Henry Kissinger’s infamous description of soldiers as “dumb, stupid animals.”

“Such people, comfortable with their wealth and authority, are incapable of comprehending the pain and suffering their decisions cause for ordinary people. Such leaders come to view the people merely as parts of the machine of the nation, or tokens to be played in a great game of conquest,” he concluded, explaining how far the government’s agenda is from popular sentiment in the US.
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