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Ken Blackwell Destroys MSNBC Gun Control Narrative In One Response

'I wonder if I missed something ..."

| Caleb Howe |
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On MSNBC this afternoon, commentator and Republican politician Ken Blackwell was on as part of panel discussion about guns and gun control in the wake of this weekend's killing spree in Santa Barbara. Host Craig Melvin runs down a laundry list of various ways of saying gun or shooting and so on before finally asking Blackwell how something like this could happen. Blackwell's response was absolutely pitch perfect. First he had a pause to take it in, then he said:

"You know, I wonder if I missed something. My understanding is that some of his victims were stabbed to death. Other of his victims were hit by a car that he was driving. And all of a sudden one weapon is, in fact, under attack. And not only is it under attack, people are talking about stepping on the constitutional rights of law-abiding people."

Of course, he immediately interrupted by the host. Diverting attention away from MSNBC's anti-gun agenda is the fastest way to get cut off during an interview on the network. Melvin says he didn't mean to "attack guns" and the he was just trying to lay out "the facts." Only the facts are as Ken Blackwell laid them out, contrary to Melvin's one-note recitation.

There were three weapons used in this murderous rampage. That is the fact. It's a fact that the hosts at MSNBC clearly aren't interested in dealing with. Ken Blackwell, however, isn't going to let them get away with it.
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