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Report: Saudi parade with Chinese missiles sent a message to the U.S.

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WASHINGTON – Saudi Arabia’s display of its intermediate-range ballistic missile reflects the kingdom’s decision to operate independently of the United States, a report said.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy asserted that the Saudi military parade on April 29 marked a message to both Iran and the United States.

Saudi missiles unveiled at a military parade on April 29.
Saudi missiles unveiled at a military parade on April 29.

Institute fellow Simon Henderson said this marked the first time Riyad displayed its Chinese-origin CSS-2 ballistic missile, designed to contain a nuclear warhead.

“The missile display signals Saudi Arabia’s determination to counter Teheran’s growing strength, as well as its readiness to act independently of the United States,” the report, titled “Saudi Arabia’s Missile Messaging,” said.

CSS-2, deemed inaccurate, was acquired by the Saudi military in 1987 and concealed in a mountain base south of Riyad. The liquid-fuel missile, with a range of 2,650 kilometers, was said to be operated and maintained by Pakistan and located within range of Iran.

The parade that contained CSS-2 was attended by Pakistan Chief of
 Staff Gen. Raheel Sharif. Leaders of all six Gulf Cooperation Council states
 also watched the missile in a ceremony at Hafer Batin that concluded
 Abdullah Sword, deemed the largest ever exercise in Saudi Arabia.

“In particular, the presence of Pakistan’s top military commander will
 reawaken speculation that Riyad may seek to acquire nuclear warheads from
 Islamabad to match Iran’s potential,” the report, dated April 29, said.

Saudi Arabia was also said to have acquired the more advanced DF-21, a
 solid-fuel IRBM, from Beijing. The report said the support vehicles at the
 Saudi parade “may have been more suited to the newer missiles.”

“Both Saudi missile systems could probably be adapted relatively easily
 to carry Pakistani nuclear warheads,” the report said.

The display of CSS-2 came a month after the visit by U.S. President
 Barack Obama to Saudi Arabia. The report described Obama’s meeting with
 Saudi King Abdullah as “difficult.”

“For Washington, the Saudi display is a reminder that Riyad remains
 profoundly concerned about the course of events in the region,” the report
 said. “As the dominance of U.S.-supplied equipment in the parade indicated,
 Washington is still the kingdom’s preferred security partner, but the
 relationship continues to show signs of being frayed.”
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it is known that the whole documentation for R-5 had been delivered from Soviet Union to China in the late 1950s.Limited numbers of DF-1 were produced in the 1960s, and have since been retired. All DF-2 were retired from active duty in the 1980s. The propellant is liquid oxygen so you have to raise the missile into launch mode and then proceed to oxidize the missile which would take several hours. Liquid Oxygen is extremely dangerous.CIA and Saudi air force officers hammered out the ways and means for acquiring the new Chinese missiles during a series of secretive meetings at the spy agency's Langley, Va., headquarters and over dinners at restaurants in northern Virginia during the spring and summer of 2007, a well-informed source tells Newsweek.
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