Author Topic: Assailant Attacks Man With a Bat; Man’s Girlfriend Responds With a Couple Bullets  (Read 236 times)

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Assailant Attacks Man With a Bat; Man’s Girlfriend Responds With a Couple Bullets

Posted By Philip Hodges on May 23, 2014 | 39 Comments

I’m sure if the guy had known she was carrying a gun, he wouldn’t have bothered trying to mug them or attack them. Sometimes, you’ve got to learn the hard way:

A man was shot in South Toledo while attempting to attack a couple with a bat. It happened Monday afternoon in the 900 block of Vinton Street.

Our media partner The Toledo Blade reports the suspect approached the woman and her boyfriend with a bat.

He hit the male victim in the arm, but that’s when the woman pulled out a gun and fired twice.

The suspect showed up at the University of Toledo Medical Center a short while later seeking treatment for a gunshot wound to the leg.

There is no word at this time on whether he will face any charges.

With these types of stories, people often criticize the shooter for not aiming well enough and not killing the guy. I’m sure she did the best she could under the circumstances. Besides, I don’t believe it’s always necessary to kill. The bottom line is, she shot the guy justifiably in defense, and the threat that he posed was neutralized. Without her gun, they both would have been beaten with a bat and mugged.

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My town. If you are walking on Vinton, concealed carry is  minimum.

I don't walk there.

It does pay to put a relvolver to use before it is needed.

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