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Governor accepts tainted Independence Party line
« on: May 24, 2014, 08:24:41 AM »

Cuomo blows it

Governor accepts tainted Independence Party line

Saturday, May 24, 2014, 4:05 AM

Dems not the governor’s only party.

There was no proud trumpeting from Gov. Cuomo as he accepted the Independence Party nomination for reelection — more like shame-faced skulking.

Asked Thursday if he would run on the fraudulent third party’s ballot line, Cuomo pretended to be unsure: “Those are decisions that we’re going to be making down the road,” he said.

Even as he spoke those words, in fact, the deal was done. Cuomo had signed the paperwork to accept the Independence nomination before it was formally offered Friday.

Cuomo jumped in bed with a party that thrives on deception and engages in fraud.

A Daily News survey of the party’s new members found that 85% had joined by accident, checking a box marked “IndepenDENCE” when they meant to enroll as “indepenDENT,” with no party affiliation at all.

The News further documented that party leaders stand for nothing, engage in sleazy horse-trading with insiders and use underhanded tactics to maintain their power.

Cuomo could and should have ended the charade by refusing the party’s endorsement — thus likely denying it the 50,000 votes in the gubernatorial race that it needs to keep its ballot position.

Instead, he took the tainted line for no better reason than his desire to run up the score against the Republican underdog, Westchester Executive Rob Astorino, in November.

And so he has allowed the party’s leaders to exercise clout and distort New York’s politics for another four years — despite his stated commitment to ethics in Albany.

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