Author Topic: Officer Enoch Clark Permanently Blinds Woman - Literally Exploding Her Eyeballs - Gets Mis-Trial  (Read 311 times)

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If I was a LEO and my department gave me a object to use in the line of my duties, I would expect it to be appropriate and safe, for the purpose intended.

Did this officer know from training the use of the device would permanently injure? Or was he trained to expect it to temporarily disable?

Important, but not dealt with by the biased article from yet another obscure fringe site.

How about another example? Depatment hands out plastic ties, for use in place of traditional mtal cuffs. Bad batch comes through, with very sharp edges.

Officer in normal course of duties, uses plastic ties and suspects wrists are cut, and he bleeds to death while in custody.

Is this an accident, which took place in the course of one officer's duties, instead of an intentional act by the officer?

Finally the injured person was the first cause. She violated the law. The officer was trying to do his job.

Sad as her blindness is, it would not have occurred without her first cause violations.

I would not vote to convict this officer.
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If it was a standard issue pepper spray gun (not the mini aerosols) you are warned NEVER to use them within 3 feet of a persons face. They are pressurized for stand off range, keeping you out of hitting, stabbing or grabbing distance while incapacitating the victim.

Any LEO should know that before he carries one, it's part of training.
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