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Dana Loesch Obliterates ‘Anti-Christian, Bigoted’ Democrat Strategist Over Benham Brothers Smear

May 17, 2014 By Matthew Burke

Sparks fly as The Blaze‘s Dana Loesch appeared on The Kelly File  on FOX News, Friday night, with guest host Martha MacCallum (Watch Video Below). Loesch debated Democrat strategist Jessica Erlich about the Benham Brothers being discriminated against for their Christian beliefs by SunTrust Bank, which had announced that they were cutting business ties with the twin brothers.

Of course, Erlich, representing the same Democrat Party that booed God three times at their national convention in 2012, jumped at the opportunity to hatefully smear the brothers, questioning the sincerity of their biblical beliefs. Erlich quickly pulled the sleazy Democrat tactic, the “extremist” card, on the brothers for their mainstream Christian beliefs, sounding like the head of the thought police from George Orwell’s 1984.

Bad move.

Dana Loesch wasn’t going to sit idly by and allow Erlich to get away with her politically-motivated, anti-free speech smear against the Benham Brothers, and she let her have it.

DEMOCRAT STRATEGIST JESSICA ERLICH:  What I find sad and disturbing is that really what you have here are two attention-seeking reality television wannabe appearing brothers who are political activists who have an extreme agenda, and are trying to cloak it in this, sort of, you know, religious freedom characterization, and using that as a way to get, you know, their own business and drive that. And I find that very disturbing.

FOX NEWS’ MARTHA MACCALLUM:  Saying that they had their political beliefs, they had their religious beliefs, and, you know, people can read them and take a look at them. They might find them offensive or they may not. But at what point do you sort of cross the line where you say, ‘What I think in private should not really be part of the business transactions that I’m part of?’ Dana?

THE BLAZE’S DANA LOESCH:  Well, I have to jump into Jessica’s remark, I wonder if she finds it disturbing and attention-seeking that the brothers were actually committed still to the six families whose homes they were flipping for this television show. They had already started production and when HGTV pulled it, the brothers continued on their time and on their own dime, I might add, to continue their promise and fulfill what they said they were going to do with these families.So, if we’re going to have a conversation…

JESSICA ERLICH:  (Interrupting Loesch) That has nothing to do with their political beliefs.

LOESCH:  Well, you just said that you found it disturbing. I just don’t understand the anti-Christian bigotry. I mean the world is big enough for all of us, don’t you think?

ERLICH:  (flustered and stuttering) It’s, it is absolute, that’s what, what you just said encapsulates my argument completely.

LOESCH:  How so?

ERLICH:  There is no anti-Christian bigotry here. They have cloaked their political views, which are radical…[crosstalk] these are not Christian views. 
Sparks then flew with plenty of back and forth as “referee” Martha MacCallum did her best to moderate.

ERLICH:  They are anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality and those are their positions. Those are not the positions of most Christians, and for you to say that is outrageous.
Plenty of back-and-forth fiery discussion ensues, then Loesch asks Erlich, “How does that not make you anti-Christian, using your logic, Jessica?”

Erlich then attempts to dominate the conversation and continually interrupt, so Loesch raises her voice and says, “You’ll learn more if you keep your mouth shut!”

“How is it that they are anti-homosexual, but you’re not anti-Christian,” Loesch asked.

“You don’t have to get rude about this,” Erlich piped in.

LOESCH:  If we’re going to have a theological discussion, let’s start with your name calling, your smearing of these brothers just because you’re an anti-Christian bigot!”
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