Author Topic: Pat Sajak’s Epic Tweet Against Global Warming… Watch as the Left Freaks Out  (Read 181 times)

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Pat Sajak’s Epic Tweet Against Global Warming… Watch as the Left Freaks Out

Author:  Editor

Posted: May 21, 2014

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak sparked a social media backlash yesterday after calling people concerned about so-called climate change “unpatriotic racists.”

Sajak was taking part in a time-honored tradition on Twitter known as trolling, where one states his views in a manner designed to inflame the other side. And WOW, did it work! The left came out to attack him:

That’s all fun left-wingers, but the truth is there hasn’t been a warming trend in nearly 20 years. And America is actually cutting their emissions anyway.

They base their arguments off of a purposefully misleading “consensus” among climate scientists about man is actually doing to the climate. And the liberals want to believe man is fixing the climate, as it gives them an excuse to implement heavy handed statist policies to control other peoples lives.

And even if climate change is real, it’s quite arrogant for humans to believe we have the God-like power to correct global weather issues.

Pat has become the master at Twitter trolling, with his most famous Tweet being his announcement of “coming out” as a heterosexual. Keep it up, Mr. Sajak!
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