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VA Whistleblower – Doctors Working Only “A Few Hours” While Patients Dying
by Ulsterman on May 21, 2014

Dr. Jose Mathews has come forward with insights into just how dysfunctional and incompetent government healthcare has been to our veterans.  He also claims that his willingness to speak has resulted in him being removed from his previous position within the VA hospital he works at.

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(Via Newsmax)
The ongoing VA hospital scandal is spreading across the nation, and one doctor in St. Louis says he is being bullied and was demoted for telling the truth about what was going on at his facility.

Dr. Jose Mathews told KMOX radio that he is paying the price for opening his mouth. Co-workers are giving him a hard time, and he was removed from his previous position as chief psychiatrist for the VA Medical Center in St. Louis.

“They’re sometimes mocking,” Matthews told the radio station. “There are sometimes people who make it a point to come into my office and laugh. Seriously, this is not a joke.”

In a federal whistleblower lawsuit, Matthews said doctors at the VA hospital were only working a few hours a day and were seeing only about half of the mental health patients they could have been seeing.

He told Fox News last week that soldiers seeking treatment at the facility were committing suicide amid wait times of at least a month to see a doctor.  LINK
Earlier today, a petulant President Obama refused to accept any responsibility for the scandal, declaring there was an ongoing investigation, and claiming he and the First Lady have always been concerned for our veterans’ well being.

That claim seems to run counter to the details of veterans wasting away as they wait months for treatment that in some cases, never comes.  Barack Obama is entering his sixth year as President of the United States, and has known of issues within the VA since first being elected in 2008.  In fact, he publicly spoke out against the Bush administration’s handling of VA care as far back as 2007.

Congress has nearly DOUBLED the VA budget since Barack Obama became president, though it would seem, as has so often been the case with the Obama administration, that those funds were wasted, with too little oversight and results.

Waste, fraud, and abuse have been the hallmark of the Age of Obama.   -UM

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A neurosurgeon who has worked for the VA just called Rush and verified that VA delays and bureaucratic incompetence have caused the premature deaths of veterans.
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In the old Soviet Union and widget maker got paid exactly the same thing whether he made 10 widgets a day or 100 widgets a day.

IN the VA a Dr. gets paid exactly the same thing whether hes sees 10 patients a day or 100 patients a day.

Need I continue?

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