Author Topic: Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Is Treated Like An Al Qaeda Suspect By Our “Neighbors” To The South  (Read 290 times)

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Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Is Treated Like An Al Qaeda Suspect By Our “Neighbors” To The South

Posted on May 20, 2014   by RightyPunditry    

marineSgt. Andrew Tahmooressi said he accidentally crossed into Mexico March 31.  He did so, believing he was headed in the correct direction, back to San Diego.  It was literally too late, when he realized his error.  Too late because the lane allowing him to make a U-turn and go back to the U.S. was barricaded.

He told the Mexican guards what had happened, an error on his part and that he had 3 legally owned guns in his truck.  He was arrested and put in a Tijuana jail to be later transferred to La Mesa penitentiary in Tijuana on weapon charges.

He made a call to 911:  “I accidentally drove into Mexico with 3 guns … a rifle (AR-15), a .45 cal pistol and a 12 gauge pump shotgun with no intensions (sic) on being in Mexico or being involved in any criminal activities,” Tahmooressi wrote in a statement of innocence to U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter. “I have rights to all 3 weapons. They are under my name … Please help me.”  He was told they could do nothing.

In Mexico, as most of the legal uncivilized world, you’re guilty til proven innocent.

This is a disgrace.

The Mexican government knows this man was committing no crime, as he explained the mistake.  The common sense approach would be allowing him to return to the U.S. and his business, but our unfriendly, anti- American comrades to the South, have chosen to punish him.  This is the 2nd instance when something similar has happened to an American citizen, accidentally entering the unfriendly territory of Mexico.

Democrat John Kerry, who is the current Secretary of State after the failure of Hillary Clinton, is also failing as a Secretary of State.  Part of the Secretary’s job would be to protect, intervene and help American’s around the world.  He’s had several requests from Republican’s in California to intervene.  Kerry hasn’t responded.

The complete lack of respect for an American citizen is stunning.  Especially in light of the fact that Mexico not only expects, but demands Mexicans be treated as American citizens with all the accoutrements and privileges attached…. Obamacare, welfare, food stamps, free education which sadly, they do receive.  In Mexico, if you’re not a paying tourist, you’re evidently treated like Al Qaeda.  We should return the gesture of Mexican’s illegally entering America.

I doubt Obama is even aware of this incident –unless it was “on the news” he happened to watch (that seems to be the only time he’s made aware of anything according to White House spokes person, Jay Carney and Obama himself). And since Obama refuses to watch Fox News, he’s likely in the dark.

I hope Americans would give some thought to not spending their money in Mexico, since all Mexico seems to admire and respect is our money.  Not our citizens.  We employee Mexican nationals and give them the aforementioned free goodies out of kindness… or stupidity.  On the other side of the border, our citizens receive jail time for going the wrong direction and being honest.

America is supposedly, the most powerful country in the world, or was up til 2009… and yet, no one in this government can pick up the phone (something Barack Hussein Obama bragged about) and kindly demand from el presidente in el Mexico, that our former Marine be released immediately.
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