Author Topic: King of Hypocrisy: Guess Who Obama Played Golf With Over the Weekend  (Read 208 times)

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King of Hypocrisy: Guess Who Obama Played Golf With Over the Weekend

May 19, 2014 By Jennifer Burke

Remember when Obama railed against Bain Capital, painting them as an evil corporation? Remember when he used Bain as a way to accuse Mitt Romney of being evil incarnate? Remember when Obama promised that lobbyists would be kept at a distance and not influence the White House with their special interests?

Well, another day and another instance of Obama being revealed for what he truly is. A liar.

Not only did Obama play golf at the exclusive Robert Trent Golf Club over the weekend, one of the people in his foursome was none other than a lobbyist for Bain Capital named Joe O’Neil.

But, why should we expect anything more than hypocrisy from Obama. Remember, he is a ‘listen to what I say, don’t pay attention to what I do’ kind of guy. In other words, his hope is you don’t notice the deceit and lies. Shameful.

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Obungler could play golf with the Koch brothers and his media lackeys would studiously avoid mention of it.  ^-^
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