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Ex-MLB pitcher Mitch Williams takes leave from MLB Network after flap in youth tournament

Former MLB relief pitcher Mitch Williams has taken a leave of absence from his role as an MLB Network analyst after eyewitnesses at a youth-baseball tournament in Maryland described Williams being combative with umpires and opposing players in his role as coach of a New Jersey-based 10-and-under travel team.

In an email to USA TODAY Sports, an MLB Network spokesperson confirmed that “the decision to take the leave was mutual,” and said there is currently no timetable for Williams’ return to broadcasts.

Parents and fans in attendance at a Ripken Baseball tournament in Aberdeen, Md. told Deadspin last week that Williams was ejected from a game for arguing with umpires, saying that the one-time Phillies closer had to be restrained and calling his behavior “confrontational” and “a train wreck.”

The next day, Deadspin followed up with reports suggesting that Williams used expletives toward an opposing player and had his team’s pitcher intentionally throw at the player — who, again, is no more than 10 years old.

On Twitter, Williams contested the reports, apologizing for his behavior but insisting he did not curse at the umpire.


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Mitch was never the same pitcher after giving up that walk-off home run to Joe Carter of Toronto in the sixth game of the World Series in 1993.

But he's a damned good analyst.  I enjoy listening to him and hope he returns quickly.
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