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Zek Sterling and American Totalitarianism
« on: May 19, 2014, 08:15:18 AM »
May 19, 2014
Zek Sterling and American Totalitarianism
By Deborah C. Tyler

Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, and great minds discuss ideas.  Today, small minds who hold great power are castigating Donald Sterling; better minds are facing the reality that private citizens who have committed no actual crimes are routinely and publicly vilified by the president for their thought-crimes.  They recognize Obama’s penchant for doing that has a bloody, totalitarian heritage.

In February 1945, Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn was arrested and sentenced to eight years' hard labor because he criticized Stalin in private letters to a friend.  Stalin’s gulag system imprisoned 18,000,000 workers and at its height was the largest employer in the world.  In April 2014, American businessman Donald Sterling was sent to internal exile and threatened with a forced divestiture of his property because of a private conversation with a slut-informant, stukach Stiviano.  In the trice of a whore’s goadings, Zek Sterling was transformed from an honored member of his community to a detestable pariah.  Barack Obama’s totalitarianism is the world’s largest un-employer, unemploying 60,000,000 adults, so Sterling has been forced not to work at his chosen enterprises.

On April 27, President Obama denounced the retrograde capitalist Sterling for iniquitous speech.  One small deliverance of ideology, one giant hammer and sickle into the Bill of Rights.  Commissar Eric Garcetti, mayor of the illegal alien’s socialist paradise of Los Angeles, phoned Burzhui Sterling and urged him to castigate himself before the people and relinquish his lawful property.  Later, Sterling futilely implored forgiveness from Homo sovieticus Anderson Cooper.  Comrade Cooper, valiant fighter for the people’s hope and sex change, gave the masses the righteous term “teabagger” to vilify counter-revolutionaries still clinging to religion and guns.  All glory to Cooper.

Humanity has suffered three waves of socialist totalitarianism: communism, Nazism, and the statist reformations of the Western democracies.  Totalitarianism suppresses discussion of the great ideas of Christianity and the rule of secular law (preserved in hallowed religious and secular documents like the Bible and the Constitution) and replaces those ideas with the vilification of individuals who belong to state-identified ignoble groups.

Western democracies rejected Nazism but never fully rejected the idea that a state-controlled economy is more fair than what Karl Marx termed “capitalism.”  Only a small percentage of successful businesses and professional Americans start off with very large capital.  Totalitarianism American-style retraces the economic-revenge, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish themes of Soviet socialism.  When members of ignoble groups – for example, Jews like Zek Sterling – make billions, small minds revile them for it.  “He didn’t build that.”  When noble comrade Oprah Winfrey pulls down a billion, she gets the Medal of Freedom.  And regarding thoughtcrimes, the guilt lies not in the thought, but in the thinker.  When black tovarisches pressure black women not to go with white men, that is not racism; it is social justice.

Nazism, communism, and American totalitarianism all arose in revolution and societal transformation.  The upheavals of the 1960s in America were not about equality.  They were the baby-boomers' rejection  of the biblically based moral code, the free enterprise system, and American world leadership.

Totalitarianism depends on making minds small and ignorant.  Psychodynamically, totalitarianism inculcates in “the masses” the defense mechanisms of splitting and rationalization.  Defense mechanisms are unconscious processes that manipulate, distort, or deny reality to protect the mind from experiencing negative emotions such as anxiety, guilt, or shame when it ought to.  In the service of the Velikaya Revolutsiya, the population is split into noble groups and ignoble groups of counter-revolutionaries.  Nazism splits good racial and ethnic groups from evil ones; communism splits good classes from evil ones.  American totalitarianism splits society along anti-American, anti-Christian narratives.  Black people, feminists, Hispanics (especially illegal aliens), native Americans, “gays,” gender micro-minorities, and Islamics are held up as noble groups.  The contras are impenitent white people, gun owners, the evil wealthy, heterosexual men, Christians, Jews, military service people, veterans, and the unborn impedimenta.

Rationalization provides justifications for the ennobled groups to vilify and exploit the ignobility, who are relentlessly maligned as being racist, sexist, homophobic, and Islamophobic.  The election of Supreme Internatsionalista Barack Obama is the highest achievement of American totalitarian rationalization.  Obama was not in the situation room on 9/11/2012 because the killing of four “privileged” white Americans by “justice-seeking Islamics” is not troubling to him.  It is a triumph of the ideology he was taught since childhood.

In Orwell’s 1984, party members were required to participate in a daily Two Minutes Hate, which was invariably directed at enemy of the state Emmanuel Goldstein.  Whether he was an actual person did not matter.  Whoever Zek Sterling really is doesn’t matter; it matters that the people hate him.

In 1984 and in Nazi Germany, the face of the enemy was stable: Emmanuel Goldstein and the ubiquitous unflattering caricature of the Jew, respectively.  American totalitarianism requires a continual parade of fictional martyrs in noble victim groups (Matthew Shepard, Professor Gates, Trayvon Martin, Michael Sam), while thought-crime enemies are invented (George Zimmerman, Paula Deen, Phil Robertson, Chick-fil-A, the Cambridge MA police, the Benham Brothers, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Condoleezza Rice, Larry Summers, the Koch brothers, ad infinitum).

Nor does innocence matter.  In Gulag: A History, Anne Appelbaum quotes a Soviet police investigator telling his gulag-bound prisoner, “We never arrest anyone who is not guilty. And even if you weren’t guilty, we can’t release you, because then people would say that we are picking up innocent people.”  Whatever happens, Donald Sterling can never be innocent.

American totalitarianism requires a population too stupefied to maintain a constitutional democracy.  Providing such a population is the foremost undertaking of the educational and media conglomerates. UCLA returned a $3,000,000 donation form Donald Sterling because demonstrating ideological purity is more important than progress in kidney disease.  And if sick people die who may have lived with Sterling’s thoughtcrime-tainted money, they die in the noble cause of cultural purification.

When it came time to confiscate Zek Sterling’s sports team, Oprah Winfrey was at the head of the line.  She was quoted by her business partner as saying, “It would be a great thing for an important black American to own [another] franchise.”  Media mogul Oprah serves totalitarianism in two ways.  She is a foremost role model of anti-Christian, pro-fornication lifestyling, and she inflames racial hatred, for example by rewriting history with movies like The Butler.

Small minds chatter about Zek Sterling's sex life.  Larger minds recognize the threat to the rights of free speech, freedom from unlawful search and seizure, and equal protection in law regardless of speaking unpopular views while white.

Mr. Sterling is promising a fight.  May he fight like the Constitution depends on it.

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