Author Topic: Chilling: Marine Imprisoned for Getting Lost While We Release Thousands of Criminal Illegal Mexicans  (Read 182 times)

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Chilling: Marine Imprisoned for Getting Lost While We Release Thousands of Criminal Illegal Mexicans

May 16, 2014
By Sara Noble

We are releasing tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens from Mexico every year while Mexico is treating our “illegals” brutally.

Marine reservist, Andrew Tahmooressi became lost while traveling in southern California and ended up at the Mexican border. He says that the Mexican border guards would not let him turn around and return home. He was traveling with legally registered guns at the time. He ended up in a notorious Mexican prison with violent killers and drug cartel members who threatened to rape and murder him.

He attempted to escape and was shackled to a bed for 35 days. He has been moved and is currently not shackled.

A Mexican official released a statement claiming that Andrew Tahmooressi never told anyone he was lost and he did not tell them he was carrying guns or that he was a Marine. This official’s comments are disingenuous in light of a 9/11 call that has been made public this week.

It was not known the call was made until this week when Tahmooressi remembered it and told his sister.

A 9/11 call tells a different story. In the call, he clearly states he was lost.

Audio of the full call from the blaze:

The 9/11 operator said she could not help him. “Unfortunately, you’re on Mexican soil. There’s nothing we can do. I apologize,” the dispatcher said before Tahmooressi thanked her and hung up.

The first chance for any legal proceeding to begin in Tahmooressi’s case is May 28, two months after his arrest, when Mexican officials will hear the testimony from the Mexican border guards who arrested the marine in April.

He has been to Tijuana six times before and apparently that is supposed to weigh against him.

Tahmooressi has post traumatic stress disorder from his active duty service.

Meanwhile he was four-point shackled to a bed for 35 days. He has since been moved to a prison where he can be protected. He is monitored 24/7. His mother said it’s worse than any of his war experiences.

He faces 6 to 21 years in prison for entering Mexico with guns.

We just released 36,000 criminal illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico. Mexico often refuses to take them back. We have millions of their citizens here collecting benefits. It’s about time they returned the favor.

Rep. Duncan Hunter has called on the US to suspend aid to Mexico until he is released. John Kerry has been silent. Shocker!
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