Author Topic: Video: Christian man is captured by Muslims in Syria, forced to convert, and then beheaded [Graphic]  (Read 305 times)

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Video: Christian man is captured by Muslims in Syria, forced to convert, and then beheaded [Graphic]

Posted on May 17, 2014 by Admin   13 Comments

But no one sends them military support, funding or help.

A Christian man was captured by Muslims in Syria, and forced him to declare the Shahadatan (“There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”). After he stated the heretical creed, they deemed him an infidel anyway and brutally beheaded him.

Rescue Christians is now working on the ground in Syria and Iraq as we are partners with Sister Hatune Dogan who already has saved thousands of Christians from death. We can save and protect many more Christians in Syria and Iraq with your help. Sister Hatune has been awarded the Order of Merit by the German Government for her work (equivalent to Congressional Medal of Honor).

These are 6th Century people with 21st Century weapons. Of course they go back to the knife or the hatchet when they can to hack people’s heads off. You don’t hear much about the persecution of Christians in Western Media. As graphic as this video is we think it should get wide circulation to remind Americans of what we are fighting. Or in more realistic terms, what is fighting us. Our government refuses to even identify these twisted people as our enemies. We may not be at war with them but they are definitely at war with us.
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 Oh for the want of a cluster bomb!

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Oh for the want of a cluster bomb!

Or to actually have the set to use it.
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