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Obama: American’s Don’t Like Me Because I’m Black

By deacon303 on May 17, 2014   

It’s nothing new to hear a black person playing the race card, but when the supposed most powerful man on the earth plays it, it’s actually quite saddening.   Yes you read that right, Obama himself played the race card during a recent interview saying that his abysmal approval rates are the result of ignorant Americans and the color of his skin.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Obama, yet again, refused to take accountability for his actions.  Instead of listing one of the countless problems in the country, or his own scandals, he resorted to blaming the color of his skin as the reason people really don’t like him.

Trying to race bait the nation, he claimed, “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.”  Oh, boo-hoo, Mr. President. We’re sorry that 43 percent of your voters were white—but you’re probably right. It’s most likely a race thing.

He went on to say that, “the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president.”

We all know that as Obama’s PC soldiers remain hard at work, he guilted several white “on the fence” votes his way.  You wouldn’t want to be labeled a racist would you?

Obama can continue to whine all he likes, but the 60% that disapprove of the job he’s doing, are really just sick of the excuses.  He always has some way in which he is not responsible, or he didn’t know, and American’s are starting to become irritated with this nonchalant attitude.

American’s vote a strong leader into office because they need someone to make the hard choices, do the right thing, and take accountability of their office and the country—none of which Obama has done.

via Obama: American’s Don’t Like Me Because I’m Black // Mr. Conservative.

That’s why you were elected twice. Right?

Mr. Obama, Americans don’t like you because your policies suck. We like keeping our money and our freedom. We don’t like being told we have to “give up a piece of the pie so others can have more” by someone who takes multi-million dollar vacations on the taxpayer dime. We don’t like being told we must buy something we don’t want. We don’t like you spitting in the face of millions of legal immigrants who took the time and effort to come to the USA the correct way by giving a free pass to people who jumped a fence and then telling us we’re being unfair about it.

Call us silly, but we can’t afford you. In more ways than one.
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