Author Topic: Watch Jay Carney Lie About the Department of Veterans Affairs Scandal [VIDEO]  (Read 195 times)

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Watch Jay Carney Lie About the Department of Veterans Affairs Scandal [VIDEO]

Posted By Jim Treacher On 3:28 PM 05/16/2014 In | No Comments

With the now-requisite “I would point you to…”

Pay attention, America. This is just a preview. This is exactly how the Democrats are going to respond when someone you love dies because of an ineptly run government health-care system. Deflection, filibustering, suggesting that the very question is out of bounds, sneering condescension, out-and-out lying…

Most transparent administration ever.

This is what you voted for, America. And this is what you’re getting. Congratulations.

(Hat tip: The Right Scoop)


Article printed from The Daily Caller:

URL to article:

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