Author Topic: Global cooling continues to break records, expanding Antarctic Sea ice  (Read 333 times)

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We had frost on the ground the last two mornings.  My tomato plants took a hit.

Tis quite late for a frost round here...

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Today we present observational evidence that the [ice sheet] has gone into irreversible retreat. It has reached the point of no return.

Rignot told reporters at a press conference hosted by NASA that the slow collpase of the glacier could raise sea levels between 10 and 13 feet.

If one accepts this, then there is absolutely no point in any of the current schemes or charades of the climate change cult - we didn't cause it and changing our behaviour won't stop it - instead - again, assuming one accepts this - we should be preparing to proactively deal with the rise; for example, NYC should get off the greenie high horse and start worrying more about how it's going to build levees & dikes high enough to avoid being inundated.

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