Author Topic: Remember Playing “Hangman” In School? Well, Now It Gets You Suspended And Arrested… by Ulsterman  (Read 436 times)

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Remember Playing “Hangman” In School? Well, Now It Gets You Suspended And Arrested…
by Ulsterman on May 16, 2014

A young child’s hangman doodle causes middle school principal to suspend the student and call the cops, who in turn interrogated the child without his parents’ knowledge or consent. It would seem  madness is the rule, not the exception in all things government – our schools included.

A principal at a middle school in Portland, Ore. suspended a student and then called the cops after the boy doodled a picture of a man hanging, another example of the mindless overkill that is becoming prevalent in American schools.

The boy’s father, Robert Bernard Keller, is suing the Beaverton Police Department and Beaverton School District in Federal Court after his 13-year-old son, B.R.K, was pulled out of class at Raleigh Hills and sent to the principal’s office for drawing a picture of a hanging man which was deemed to be threatening by school officials.

Despite the boy’s parents clearly expressing their demand that he not be interviewed alone, B.R.K. was questioned by both school psychologists and then interrogated by Beaverton Police Department officers about the drawing. His parents were not even notified that the police had been called, according to the lawsuit. link

I have to wonder if the public school administrator has become one of the most dangerous, insidious figures available to the progressive tyranny that has expanded throughout nearly every facet of life in America?

Not to say there are not great administrators out there, as I am sure there are, but it would seem those examples are becoming fewer and fewer, replaced by these mindless, no common sense, Big Government drones whose job seems to be a frightening, obey at all costs indoctrination rather than actual educating of students.
Our public schools are not places of learning, but prisons of conformity, where kids are forced in what they are to say, think, eat, act, and even dream.  The study of freedom, liberty, and the unique and often brilliant history of America has been replaced by monolithic social engineering where once abhorrent behaviors are tolerated, or even promoted, while an innocent hangman drawing is cause for police action.

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Considering Oregon's stance on Assisted Suicide, I am constantly amazed that something like this is possible here......


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