Author Topic: Revealed: George W. Bush skipped 9/11 museum dedication and angered victims' relatives to be with Medal of Honor winners in Arkansas  (Read 275 times)

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When former President George W. Bush was a no-show at the s 9/11 Memorial Museum dedication in New York City, some feared the snub was a political statement or a poke at President Barack Obama. But it turns out the Texan had a prior engagement with more than a dozen of America's bravest military heroes.

He was in Bentonville, Arkansas on Thursday, receiving the Patriot Award, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society's highest recognition.

At each year's awards ceremony, the society brings together living recipients of the Medal of Honor, a separate award given to members of the armed forces 'for acts of gallantry and intrepidity ... above and beyond the call of duty.'

Bush posted a photo Thursday night on his Instagram account, showing him posing with 14 living recipients of the honor, including one in a wheelchair.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee emceed the event.

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  • Posts: 33,754 should be pointed out that he wasn't playing golf...or campaigning.   :whistle:
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They wished for an opportunity to insult the former President and they are angered that they didn't get their chance.

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I applaud W. He made the right decision. The 0bama troops were probably trying to make him look like he was being disrespectful to people who were killed on his watch. They like to do anything they can to make him look bad. But there was no special significance to that day, was there?
If not, they could have scheduled the opening for a day when W had nothing of importance on his schedule, then if he didn't show up, it would be obviously his decision. This way, they look petty. (Which they are  :laugh:)

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They wished for an opportunity to insult the former President and they are angered that they didn't get their chance.

Precisely.  If he had attended the focus would have been on him, and that is the last think W would stand for.

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