Author Topic: Tea Party-Backed Conservative with a Yale PhD Just Won Senate Primary & Wants to ‘Destroy Obamacare’  (Read 165 times)

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 Tea Party-Backed Conservative with a Yale PhD Just Won Senate Primary & Wants to ‘Destroy Obamacare’
   By Justen Charters 1 hour ago

It’s official: Midland University President and Tea Party favorite Ben Sasse is Nebraska’s GOP nominee for US Senate.

After learning of his victory, Sasse tweeted:

    Thank you to all who rallied behind our #ConservativeSolutions in #NESen. Honored to be the nominee for US Senate.

    — Ben Sasse (@Sasse4Senate) May 14, 2014

It appears voters appreciated Sasse’s commitment to keep things positive.

Nebraskan Wendy McMinn told the Associated Press why she voted for Sasse:

“I felt like he stayed above the fray and focused on what he could do for Nebraska.”

His abilities were recognized by President George W. Bush, who appointed him to various positions within his administration.  And it’s no big deal, but Sasse has five academic degrees as well, one of which is a PhD. from Yale. Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Mike Lee all endorsed Sasse.

Sasses does not just want to repeal Obamacare, he wants to “destroy it.”  The candidate believes America doesn’t need government getting in between doctors and patients, or making everyday life even more inefficient and expensive. That’s a message that makes sense to a lot of people.


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I ABSOLUTELY agree with him!

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Don't tread on me.   8888madkitty

We told you Trump would win - bigly!

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