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Former CIA Directors: Benghazi Select Committee Legitimate, Democrats Shouldn’t Boycott
By Joseph R. Carducci on May 13, 2014 Subscribe to Joseph R. Carducci's Feed

Although there still has yet to be an actual formal decision from the Democratic House leadership, at this moment it certainly appears they are intent on boycotting the Benghazi Select Committee. At least, if you have been listening to the likes of House Minority Leader Nasty Nancy Pelosi.

All of their talk about fairness and how the whole Benghazi incident has now become politicized are really just a cover for something deeper that has yet to be played out. I have speculated before that it is possible the Democrats are circling their wagons to protect their own. In this case, it would not so much be our amazing community leader in chief (although his role in these events is still very much in question). Instead, this is likely being done to protect the reputation of former Secretary of State and potential 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

At any rate, we continue to wait for a formal decision from the Democratic House Leadership about the Benghazi Select Committee. In the meantime, former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director Leon Panetta has urged them NOT to boycott the proceedings. The main reason for his opinion is due to the fact that the American people still have a lot of unanswered questions about what happened. Additionally, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell feels the same way. In their own words:

“Panetta and Morell, noting the attack has been subject to many investigations already, said they welcome the latest one in the House. ‘If you look at the polling numbers a not insignificant percentage of the American people still have questions,’ Morell said.


Morell, who said he already has testified four times about Benghazi, said he is 100 percent confident the upcoming investigation will show that allegations ‘the intelligence community politicized its analysis’ are false.”

These are strong voices in support of allowing the select committee to move forward with bipartisan support. What all this really comes down to is that the Democrats are angry because this is happening at a time when they do not control the House. Therefore, they have no power to really influence the make-up of the committee members, at least not in terms of giving themselves a majority of the seats. Sadly, that power belongs to the controlling party, which is how things are always done…and you didn’t see the Republicans crying the last time the Democrats tried to create a special committee with 7 members of their party and only 5 members of their colleagues.

As you also most likely already know, immediately after the Benghazi attack, the White House repeatedly blamed the intelligence community for failures that led to the attack. They even have blamed them for making changes in the talking points. One of the major goals of this select committee is to clarify exactly the role of the CIA versus the role played by White House…it may even prove the Obama Regime (along with their complicit media outlets) has been falsely blaming the CIA to cover bad decisions made by the State Department and those close to the president.

It would appear that Panetta and Morell both are also interested in clearing the air and getting some real answers. In any case, we have two major political parties in this country and the Democrats should certainly be around to help us get to that point. That is in the hands of Nasty Nancy Pelosi right now.

What do YOU think? Should the Democrats participate in the select committee? Or is it more profitable for them to continue with their temper tantrums? How about both Panetta and Morell coming forward to ask the Democrats to behave like adults?
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You Boys need to go beat that message into Nazi Pelousy and Dusty Harry Reid's heads.  Let 'em know it is safer to eat white arsenic than to try and play games with this Select Committee.

I think it helps that Panetta is going to be on the witness list, with a bullet, and I don't think Leon is inclined to lie to cover up for Obama. 

As a side note....Leon Panetta's memoir will be worth reading........

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