Author Topic: Meet Michael Sam's boyfriend Vito: The star Missouri swimmer whose dad did time for sports betting and whose grandfather is the infamous Kansas City mobster 'Willie the Rat'  (Read 197 times)

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Michael Sam, 24, became the first openly-gay football player to be drafted to the NFL on Saturday - and shared a kiss with his boyfriend to celebrate
Vito Cammisano swam for Missouri before he graduated last year
Records indicate the 23-year-old is the grandson of Kansas City organized crime leader William Cammisano
His father, Jerry, 60, also served time for illegal sports betting in 2011
His uncle, William Jr., 65, served time for the same betting ring

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Cammisano has been working as a promotions intern at Cumulus Broadcasting, which operates radio stations in the U.S., for around five months, according to his LinkedIn profile.
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